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I have ALWAYS struggled with my weight and

know that UPS and downs of weight loss.

Putting MANY diets to test…nothing seemed to keep the weight off.

The fluctuation the starving and

feeling like I could eat the entire house

just seemed to be getting a little old.

So I decided to do what I’ve heard for YEARS but wanted to

take the EASY route and…EAT CLEAN.

I began to eat LOTS of veggies and fruit, increase my

fiber and water intake and stick with lean

protein and I began to get the RESULTS that

I’ve always wanted.

I’m sorry to tell you but there ISN’T a “magic pill.”

I use the term loosely but “diet” and exercise

is the ONLY way…

if you don’t want to put on more then what you start with.

Believe me I’ve tried a lot of them.

My heaviest was 200lbs…yep

believe it or not I had gotten up to 200lbs.

I was determined to get the weight off and now I am training

to compete in a bikini competition in June 2010.

The reason I started Ditching Diets Boot Camp

is the training that helped me get to

where I am today was kind of like boot camp style.

I thought it was tough, challenging, yet FUN!

So I decided I wanted to bring that to others

and thus the birth of Ditching Diets Boot Camp.

I believe that 80% of your fitness has to

do with your “nutrition” and “mindset”

and 20% training program.

Once you get those down then you are on

your way to a HEALTHY and VIBRANT….


Will YOU except the challenge?

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