Ditching Diets Boot Camp – Enroll Today!

If you are:

* Looking for a long term solution to your weight loss problems.
* Tired of the yo-yo dieting, pill popping, and workouts that haven’t gotten you any results.
* Looking for support and a FUN workout environment…

Then, Ditching Diets Boot Camp is for YOU!

Invest in YOU! What do you have to lose, besides a couple of pounds! 🙂

What’s Included:

Total body, challenging, circuit training workouts that gets you fast results and keeps you motivated!

Meal plans and recipes to help you stay on track and lose the fat & build lean muscle!

Weekly email newsletter

Online Community Support

Additional workout videos if unable to make a session.

*ASK about student discounts!

Class Times:

Morning Bootcamp

5:15AM – Monday – Thursday

Afternoon Bootcamp:

5:45PM – Monday – Thursday
6:45PM – Monday – Thursday

*Note – Class times and availability are subject to change. Please contact us to verify.

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